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Miley’s New Song and Video

Okay…here’s what I have to say about this.

First of all, I love Miley. I think she’s gone a bit nuts and is acting just a little too trashy for no good reason, but I still love her. I do really like her “I don’t give a damn” attitude, and I’ve always liked most of her music.

This is her new song, “Wrecking Ball.” It’s absolutely beautiful. It’s powerful and emotional and just a really, really good song. When I started watching the video, I was relieved to see that it was clean (both in terms of appropriateness and simplicity) and actually very tasteful.

And then……she starts licking the sledgehammer she’s holding. And then she’s sitting on top of the wrecking ball COMPLETELY naked, save a pair of boots. Just…WHY?! I don’t get it! Now, I understand that the idea of nakedness here could possibly represent vulnerability and such–trust me, I get that. However, the fact that she’s not just naked is the problem. She’s naked, strattling and thrusting on a wrecking ball. Her actions completely take away with what could have been a very artistic, moving portrayal of a really good song. I’m just so confused at what they were going for here.

Thoughts, anyone?

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Labor Day Sales: Check ‘Em Out Before They’re Over!

Happy Labor Day, everyone!  Hopefully, like me, many of you have the day off today; if you’re working, I hope you’re getting holiday pay ; )

Before I say anything else, I need to say that I’m very confused by WordPress’s time zone.  For the record, here on the US East Coast, it’s 2:52pm on Monday, September 2nd, and WordPress says it’s 6:52.  Soo….call me clueless or whatever you’d like, but I don’t know what time zone that is.

Anyway, today is Labor Day here in the States, and lots of stores are having sales!  I can’t say I went crazy shopping or anything, but there are a few that I want to share while there’s still some time left (and if you’re experiencing the awful, sticky, humid, rainy weather that I am, I’m sure you’ll appreciate some retail therapy).

First of all, Payless is offering 40% of all items that are ALREADY on clearance.  That’s like, paying next to nothing.  I absolutely LOVE Payless.  Their quality has improved so much, and they really do have some great deals.  Aside from the 40% off of clearance, they have a lot of good regular-sale items, too.  I just got a pair of Oxford booties there a few weeks ago, and I can’t WAIT to wear them.  They were on sale for about 5 bucks off the regular price.  BUT, let me show you what I got yesterday:

2013-09-02 12.25.41

Commence gasping.  I can’t even deal.  Do you SEE those boots?  You’re going to die when I tell you how much they were.  The black wedges are SO CUTE; they have a cork wedge that’s covered in a glossy finish, and they’re soooo comfortable!  The boots, I mean, hello, once again, do you SEE them?!  They’re gorgeous.  They’re such a soft suede with a really cushiony inside, and even though the heel is on the higher side (it’s a little taller than it looks in the picture), there’s a platform in front that evens it out for easier walking.  LOVE THEM.  I can’t wait to wear them!!!!  And, finally, last but certainly not least, the Nautical wedges.  That’s actually what they’re called!  I almost bought these about 5 times this summer, and every time, I tried to be sensible and tell myself I really wouldn’t get that much wear out of them because of the colors–even though they’re to die for, in my opinion.  HOWEVER, when I saw what they were on clearance for (therefore calculating what I’d actually be paying for them), I almost peed my pants.

Are you ready?  The prices for these shoes, after the additional 40% off were, respectively: $9, $12, and $4.  That comes out to a whopping $25 grand total.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  That’s $4.50, $6, and $2 per shoe/boot.  That should be illegal.  What am I saying?!  No it shouldn’t!!

My mom and I actually each got a pair of the boots because we loved them so much.  Each pair I got is a different size (8, 9, 8 1/2, respectively), but that actually worked out in my favor, considering that size 8 1/2 had the smallest selection due to how popular it is.  I highly, HIGHLY recommend you go check out a Payless, or just zip on over to their website before time runs out!!!


I also placed an order from one of my most beloved brands, eyeslipsface (e.l.f).  While e.l.f is now at Target, KMart, and some Walgreens stores, their biggest selection is still definitely online…unless you visit their new store in New York City, which I’ve yet to do (and I’m sure my checking account thanks me for that).  They’re basically always having a sale on something, but right now there’s a choice of free shipping over $15 or half off of their Studio brand when you spend over $25.  You can’t combine the two, but either is a great deal.  I just ordered some of my favorite products that I was running low on, and my total only came to $17.  I had some self-control today.


And, finally, if you’re into thrift-shopping at all, you MUST go to Savers if there’s one near you.  Everything in that store is always a steal in my eyes, but today, almost EVERYTHING in the store is 50% off!  So, figure, you find a shirt that you love, and it’s, like, $4.  You’re paying two bucks for it!  Go, GO GO GO!  I hope for your sake there’s a Savers near you, because I always find such GREAT stuff.  You do have to pick and sort through some of the not-so-nice things, but there’s always something lurking and just waiting to be found.  Savers usually has these sales on most weekday holidays (Labor Day, Memorial Day, Veterans’ Day, Columbus Day, etc.), and if you’re a Club Card Member like myself, you can steal the deals a day early!

For reference, here’s what I found at Savers the last time I went, just on a normal day:

2013-08-15 20.52.59-1

That’s a sweater, seven shirts, a dress, two skirts, and three pairs of pants.  I got it all for $70.  That actually sounds like a lot; it’s the most I’ve ever spent there, but considering I got ALL of those things for that much, it’s really an amazing deal.


Whatever you’re doing today, whether it’s a holiday or a regular Monday, I wish you a happy one & hope you find yourself smiling over a sale : )


What would you like to see?

Halloween! Hocus Pocus! YAY! I need to buy the asap. how in the hell do I not have this on dvd

The picture says it all, really.  This weekend marks the end of the acknowledged summer season, despite the fact that the actual fall season doesn’t start until late September.  ANYWAY, with fall comes October, and with October comes Halloween.  I absolutely love, love love LOVE Halloween!!!  October is one of my favorite months of the year, actually.  I deny that it’s getting colder while enjoying everything fall-ish, from apple picking to hayrides to haunted houses. 

With all of that said, I DEFINITELY want to do a series of Halloween makeup looks.  I’ve got a few in mind already, but I’m looking for suggestions and requests as well!

I’d like to keep the focus on makeup products that we all already own (face, eye, and lip products) to make life easier, but if there are looks that require the “fancy” stuff–aka the makeup crayons–that come out during Halloween time, I can work with that, too.

Comment below and let me know what you’d like to see!!
Thanks loves, talk to you soon! : )



Let’s face it, even the most beautiful of people look like a hot mess (or just plain deformed) without eyebrows.  For example, the flawless Mila Kunis:


Okay, so obviously people don’t walk around without eyebrows.  But I’m sure you’ve seen some eyebrow disasters in your lifetime–too thick, too thin, too short, too long, too “done,” too undone, etc. etc. etc.  It really is true that eyebrows make a huge difference in your entire appearance; I think, aside from the “celebs without eyebrows” pictures being really funny, we can take that fact from them.  You want your eyebrows to frame, shape, and define your face, without taking it over.  I’m here to help you prevent an eyebrow travesty, and I promise you, I will keep them looking natural!  Aka, not this:

*DISCLAIMER* I do NOT know the creator/owner of this picture; I simply found it on Google Images! No Haterade here, I’m just saying I’m going to give you a more natural look. If this floats your boat, use it!

Fun fact: I’ve never had my eyebrows done.  Never.  I lucked out and was spared the Italian hair gene (my sister, not so lucky).  My eyebrows were never out of control.  As a kid, they were actually shaped pretty nice.  I never had to worry about a unibrow or anything of that nature.  I was too nervous to ever get them waxed because I’d heard (and seen) the horror stories mentioned above, live and in person.  So, I plucked them myself.  As I got older, I’d fix ’em up with a little groomer thingy in addition to plucking.  They were never in “bad” shape, per se, but looking back, they certainly were awkward looking at times.  Take, for example, my senior picture from 2007:

senior pic - Copy

Like, what are they doing?  They’re just…..straight down. And weird. I don’t like it!


They just never had a real “nice” (or regular) shape to them after I started working on them myself.  And, of course, I’d curse myself sometimes with unevenness and have to fill one in to look like the other.

For the most part, I really only tweeze.  Once a month or so, I’ll go in with the little personal groomer and clean up the little blondeish baby hairs above, underneath, and in between my eyebrows.  Otherwise, I pluck at the strays and continue on.  Yes, I pluck often, but that’s because I’d rather keep up with them than have them grow in.  But this fill-in technique (it sounds fancier than it really is) is what I use on a day-to-day basis.

Now, before I get into it, I do need to say that this may not work for everyone.  If your eyebrows are super sparse, you might need to do a bit more than this.  If yours are super thick and perfectly waxed every time, you can go do something else with your time ; ).  But, if you think yours can use a bit of touching up, stick with me.

On to the how-to.  Here’s what you’ll need:
1. A small, angled brush, typically used for eyeliner.  Mine, as always, is from elf.  It’s my absolute favorite.  Find it here or at Target stores!
2. A lash/brow comb/brush.  Once again, for $1, you can’t beat e.l.f’s.
3. A matte, taupe colored eyeshadow.  Taupe is one of the most universal colors for filling in brows.  You do NOT want to use something that’s the same color as your brows, especially if it’s a shadow!!  They’ll look way too dark and unnatural.  You don’t want that.  The one that I swear by is the L’Oreal Studio Secrets duo in Classic Khakis.  I love this one because not only is the color perfect, but the vanilla shade on the left is PERFECT for a simple under-the-brow and tear duct highlight.  Sadly, I haven’t seen it in stores, so I’m not sure if it’s been discontinued.  It’s still available online, though, and a matte taupe really isn’t hard to find. **If you have jet black hair or a darker skin tone, you can use a bit of a darker color–a medium to dark brown–but never black.  Ever.**
4. Clear lash or brow gel.  Don’t listen to anything or anyone that tries to tell you that you need a “good” one.  Clear gel is ALL the same.  Can you guess which brand I use?  That’s right.  e.l.f.  It’s a dollar, and even though its double-sided packaging claims that one side is for your lashes, I use both for my brows.  I’m such a rebel.  I usually buy two or three at a time, and they last forever.  Maybelline and Covergirl both have clear mascaras, too.  Whatever you prefer.
For reference, here’s a nifty picture of what the “normal” eyebrow should look like:

Basically, your eyebrow should start at your tear duct, the highest point of the arch should be above the meeting of your pupil and iris, and the tail should extend to align with the outermost corner.  In a perfect world, that is.  If your eyebrows don’t match this shape perfectly, don’t worry about it.  As long as you’re aiming for something along those lines, you’ll be fine.  BUT, but but but, keep in mind that not everyone’s eyebrows are shaped like this, even before the plucking and waxing begins.  This is “ideal,” but it’s workable, so work with what you’ve got.  Get what I’m sayin’?

Here’s what you do:

Please excuse the awkward/uneven lighting!

Please excuse the awkward/uneven lighting! Click to enlarge.

(1) Start by brushing your eyebrows downward with your brow wand.  This will expose any bald spots along the top, which is the main line of definition.  Get a bit of shadow on your angled brush and make sure to tap off the excess–you can always go back in with more if you need to.  You’re simply going to (2) trace along the natural shape of your brow with the shadow–not ABOVE the brow hairs, but ALONG them, like you’re filling in the gaps.  I find that using short strokes works best.  If your brows don’t happen to follow that “ideal” shape, you can create it yourself, or just go with the flow.  That part is up to you.

The next steps are optional!  You might be done after that, you might not.  Depending on the condition my brows are in, sometimes that does the trick for me.  At the moment, I happen to need to do just a bit more, which works out since I’m showing you how to do it : ).  I personally don’t like to fill in the lower part of my brows at all;  I think it looks unnatural.  I still want it to look like hair, after all.  After I trace the top line, I fill in, very lightly, any parts that are a little sparseI only do a few quick, light strokes at the innermost part (closest to my nose); I don’t like that part to be too bold.  I just think that keeps it looking natural, too.  After all of the filling in is done, I put them in place.  I wipe off any excess gel off the wand, and (3) shape them how I want them.  Wiping off the excess allows enough product to cling, but not enough to look wet; you do NOT want shiny eyebrows!!  Here’s what mine look like when they’re done:

2013-08-22 13.38.00

See?  I like to consider them not foo full (aka not fake looking), but defined enough to make a difference.  And, regardless of my lengthy writing (I can’t help it, I’m a writer), it does NOT take long at all.  Less than a minute, maybe even less than 30 seconds!  Just one quick extra step to pulling your look together.  I think you can handle it.

Let me know if this “system” works for you.  I think it’s close to fool proof.  And if you do mess up, it’s easy to swipe the shadow away and start over.  No biggie.

Spread the word to prevent eyebrow devastation ’round the globe!

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New Nail Goodies


Yesterday my mom asked me to stop at Walmart to grab a gift card for someone, and the entire way I told myself, “Do NOT go into the beauty section.”  Needless to say, I rarely listen to anyone, including myself.  Justification: everything I got was cheap. : )

It’s definitely safe to say that I’m absolutely in love with Rimmel’s 60 Seconds Nail Polish.  If you’re interested in learning more about it, check out my previous post on it here.  Now that fall (and student teaching) are approaching quickly, I’ve been focusing on nail colors that scream autumn but are also sensible for the classroom.  Luckily, I’ve noticed that that basically really just means nothing neon or childish (say, hot pink with sparkles).  Because I’m a sucker for the Rimmel polishes already–and because they’re only $1.50–I grabbed three more.  From left to right: Caramel Cupcake, Sage all the Rage, and Stand to Attention.  They were truest to color in natural light, but they really do look even prettier in person!  Well, actually, the Cupcake and Sage look pretty legit (is Caramel Cupcake not the most gorgeous nude?), but Stand to Attention is definitely a more deeper, richer red in person, as opposed to the candy-apple-ish color it’s giving off in the picture.  I can’t wait to wear all of them, and there’s no argument with time when you can paint your nails before bed and wake up with them looking great!

I’m also a HUGE fan of Wet ‘n’ Wild’s Megalast nail polishes.  Their formula was revamped a few years back, and it’s really, really good.  I love cheap nail polish (and, let’s be real, cheap beauty products in general), but there’s no skimp on quality considering this particular line of theirs is around two bucks.  I have quite a few colors from the Megalast line, and they really do last a long time.  I’m actually wearing the shade Tropicalia right now–a coraly-pink–and it’s only chipped a tiny bit on my two pointer fingers after about four days.  The shade shown above is called Through the Grapevine, and the picture does nothing for it, nor does a picture taken inside (I tried to send a picture to my best friend and she thought it was a color she already had).  It’s one of the most unique purples I’ve ever seen, and I’m not exaggerating.  It’s this beautiful deep plummy-purpley-maroonish…..so hard to describe!  I wish it looked better in the picture; the swatch on their website does it no justice either.  But I assure you, it’s an awesome color–definitely right up fall’s alley!  I guess you’re going to have to check it out for yourselves. : )

And, finally, I was in dire need of a base coat.  I had finally used up my last drop of OPI’s Nail Envy, which I really do like.  But I’ve noticed that lately my nails have just been really peely and it’s driving me nuts.  I wore acrylic nails on and off for the longest time, spanning a steady year and a half before I finally took them off for good.  It’s been a while since I’ve gotten rid of them, and my nails have definitely grown out quite a few times, but they just won’t get any stronger!!  I figured I needed something with strengthening power; enter: Sally Hansen’s Maximum Shield Strength Treatment.  I guess what you’re supposed to do is paint it on bare nails daily for best results, but it can be used as a base coat as well.  Considering I paint my nails once a week, I’m dubbing it my new base coat.  We’ll see how it goes.  Even if it makes a little difference, I’ll be happy.


I also bought two other products that I’ll be talking about soon, so stay tuned.
What are your favorite nail colors for the upcoming season?  Share below!

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Just for Fun: Current Eargasms

I just thought I’d come on and share some of the fantastical magic my ears have been loving lately!  I’m the kind of person that’ll hear a song I love and literally listen to it over and over and over…but I HATE when songs get overplayed on the radio.  I want to hear them on my own terms.  So there.

Anyway…on my mini-trip to Rhode Island last week, we had some pretty crappy weather, so my boyfriend and I went to see We’re the Millers.  It was so hilarious that I went to see it again with my mom a few days after we got home!!  I highly suggest you see it if you haven’t already.  Well, both times I saw the movie, I heard this song and was like “What is that?  It’s so good!”  So with just a teeny bit of searching (aka Googling the soundtrack and playing clips of each song I didn’t recognize), I found it!  I’ve listened to it about 20 times in the last two days.  It’s called “Put the Gun Down” by ZZ Ward.  I’ve never heard of her (I think she was on The Voice?, but now I want to listen to EVERYTHING she’s done!  If you’re interested, take a listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TH_73vzKSKg

And, uh, is she not gorgeous? I love her style–I think the hat is her thang. I can dig it. And I think a ZZ-inspired makeup look might be coming soon. : )

And secondly, a song by an artist we all know (or at least most of us!).  I’ve always been a fan of Kelly Clarkson from the day she won the title of American Idol, but I was really confused when I heard the country station’s DJ announcing her song was coming up.  I had to make sure I was still listening to the country station!  Well, let me tell you, Kelly can WORK the country music!  Her newest single, no doubt inspired by her own wedding, is called “Tie It Up,” and I’m in love with it.  If you haven’t heard it yet, and you like Kelly Clarkson and/or country music, have a listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rhp-i5_NHX8

What songs are you loving lately?  Share below; I love hearing new stuff!


Versatile Blogger Award

Well shucks ‘n blush, would you look at this?  Britney of Britney’s Beauty Tips has nominated me for one of those nifty awards you see flying around the blogosphere 🙂  This one in particular, the Versatile Blogger Award.  I feel so loved 🙂 or…so…read.


Copying and pasting directly so I don’t mess things up, here’s how it works:

So, what to do next (if you have received this award):

1. Display the Award Certificate on your blog post.

2. Mention that you have won this, with a post, and thank the blogger who nominated you by linking them in the description.

3. Present 15 bloggers with the award (if you can!).

4. Link the nominees in the post & let them know of their nomination with a comment.

5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

Seven things, huh?  This shouldn’t be too difficult….I hope.

1. I have an English degree; therefore, I am the grammar police, perhaps the Chief.  I totally edited the award directions because there were some typos.  I feel much better letting that out.

2. My sister, older by six years, is intellectually disabled and functions at a 3-year-old level.  Because of her, I’ve been involved in the Special Olympics my whole life, and it’s my absolute favorite thing in the entire world.

3. I have four tattoos: the Special Olympics logo on my back, the word “evolve” (written in my own handwriting) on my forearm, a quote from Hamlet on one rib, and the Mockingjay on the other.  Yup, you heard me: the Mockingjay, from The Hunger Games.  Mind: blown.

4.  Along the same lines, I have 11 piercings.  Nothing gross; nine in my ears, and my nose and belly button.  My second holes in my ears are a size 6 gauge.  I stretched my second holes because I love earrings too much to not be able to wear them.

5.  I’m left handed, and lefties are the coolest.

6.  I was a gymnast for nine years, and quitting gymnastics is, to this day, the biggest regret of my life.  I still teach/coach and impress myself with the fact that I can still do a back handspring and only be in minimal pain.  By minimal, I mean a small train ramming into me as opposed to a freight.

7.  My boyfriend is a racecar driver and I think it’s too freaking cool.  He has an actual NASCAR license; kind of a big deal. ; )


Alright, next up: TAG, you’re it!  BTW, who thought of 15?!  That’s a lot!
1. Michele from Trendy Belle Blog — She’s seriously too cute.  I think we might be long lost friends from another life.  We have a lot in common!
2. Roro from Maybe It’s About Roro — She shows my blog a ton of love, and hers is equally loveable!  More than just fashion and beauty; lots of inspirational “words to live by” as well!
3. Olivia from Eye Have A Lot of Feelings — We’re mutual fans of MakeupGeek (so awesome), and she blogs about a ton of stuff, hence the “lot of feelings!”
4. Kourtnee from Makeup by Kourtnee — Also cute as a button, one of my first followers, an apparent bubbly personality and a great blog!
5. majormakeupmadness — She’s already received this “award,” but she’s also one of my first followers, and I love her blog, so I couldn’t not hand it to her : ) And um, have you seen her amazing hair?!  It always looks flawless.
6. Brinka from Beauty by Brinka — I especially love her fashion posts.
7. Rebecca from A Perfect Masquerade — I find myself clicking her posts on my reader ALL the time!
8. Stephanie from Elegant Rebel Beauty — She’s just so cool!  And she’s a beautiful writer.
9. Brooke from bamsbeautyblog — Come on, this kid is 15 and she does nails like a PRO.  You have to check it out.
10. The Musings of a Skin Care Fanatic — I’m ALL about skin care, and she talks about so many products I’ve never heard of before.  I love reading what she has to say.
11. Marie from Estycare — I’m a new reader to Marie’s blog, but I love it already.  I can totally relate to her “bad skin days.”  Although, she’s so good at makeup, she’s got nothing to worry about!
12. Marija from all.things.lady — She’s funny!  I love that she’s all “lady this, lady that.”
13. Maria from nhieu.beauty — A girl after my own heart; a hard-working student with time to love and experiment with makeup : )
14. Pearlsnheels — She’s also already received this, but I couldn’t resist!
15. Christine from heartthemusique — A friend of mine from high school who is just fantastic.  Christine, you totally don’t have to do all of the reposting and tagging if you don’t want to, but your blog is wonderful and it deserves to be seen, so I wanted to share : )


Sorry that was so long…I was only following the rules!  Thanks my lovey doves.  Read on 🙂

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